NBA Rumors: Chicago Bulls Trying To Move Richard Hamilton


One team that really hasn’t been blowing up the NBA Rumors board is the Chicago Bulls. They have stayed out of the free-agent circus for the most part, but news came today that they are looking to clear even more money off the books. The Chicago Bulls are rumored to be looking for a team that will acquire shooting guard Richard Hamilton. He is set to make $5 million this season per the contract he signed with the Bulls before last season. His contract has a third year, team option, which can be bought out for $1 million. “Rip” averaged 11.6 points per game and 3.0 assists last season for the Chicago Bulls, but had a nagging shoulder injury that lingered all season. He missed more than half the season, and many will question if Rip can even sustain a grueling, 82 game NBA season.

The Bulls are clearly having a fire sale to clear up more money. C.J. Watson has gone to the Brooklyn Nets, Kyle Korver to the Atlanta Hawks, and Ronnie Brewer has been let go to make way for second-year player, Jimmy Butler.  This looks like the Bulls front office is trying to either clear up space to sign Omer Asik, who has a pending $25 million offer with the Houston Rockets, or to sign a free agent such as O.J. Mayo or Courtney Lee.

Finding a team to take on Hamilton’s contract will be tough, nobody wants to pay a player $5 million to only play half the season. However, it could be possible that a contending team will take on the contract based on Rip’s play in the playoffs. In 126 career playoff games, Hamilton has averaged 20.2 points per game, and 3.7 assists per game.

Before free agency opened the Bulls front office said they would make “basketball decisions,” not financial ones for their team. Clearly that isn’t the case, and it looks like they are trying anything, and everything in their power to avoid the almighty luxury tax. Even if that means dismantling the NBA’s best regular season team for the past two years, and arguably the NBA’s best bench squad, aka the “bench mob.”


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  • CD Mitchell

    I agree, Rip and his health are major concerns, but if they keep him he can only add to the fire power needed to contend, hopefully if traded mayo and MRedd can come in.

  • Michael J. Igyarto


    Is he really worth $5 million though? Will he really “add to the firepower” I believe if they clear $5 mil and get someone like O.J. Mayo….it’s worth it!

    Thanks for commenting CD, appreciate the input. Go Bulls

    • Brad

      He is worth the 5 mil because if we trade him no one will ever sign with the Bulls if they think they will just trade them in a years time

    • CD Mitchell

      I agree, is there any possibility hamilton renegotiates contract for lower price? We should forget Asik let him go, pick up either Pryzbilla or Rookie Sims and add MRedd and OJMayo.

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  • CD Mitchell

    This is ridiculous we always seem to be too slow getting free agents, Mayo just signed with the Mavs, C.Lee is still out there tho. Pax and Forman move like turtles!! Our window is closing, this season does not have to be a wash,
    we should still be able to be more than just competitive, with just and injection of a fearless scoring SG and a serviceable big man ie… Sims from Summer league or vet like Pryz or N. Mohhamad, or how about taking a real shot at T. Evans from Sac.