NBA Rumors: New York Knicks Join Grant Hill Chase

By Riley Schmitt

The New York Knicks certainly know how to find their into a bunch of NBA rumors.  They have been cornering the market on those the last couple of days and they have thrown their hat into the Grant Hill chase.  Hill has been debating about playing one more year or retiring.

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The Knicks truly are trying to assemble an old team of sorts.  They have a bunch of guys that would make you pause back in about 2002 or so.  In 2012, the old guys look more like a retirement home than a great bench.  Adding Hill would give them even more of a veteran presence, but it’s probably not the right move.

Hill is not going to go to NY to back up Carmelo Anthony.  The Knicks are not even that close to winning a title.  Hill wants to add a ring to his resume.  Going to the Knicks is not going to help check that box off.  In fact, it would probably hurt.  This Knicks team is setting up to be one of the most dysfunctional teams in the history of history.

We shall see if this rumor grow any more legs.  My money would be on Hill taking his talents to Los Angeles.  It would be the perfect fit for him as he would get to play with Steve Nash again.  Those two would be able to go after their first ring together.

At least you can say the NBA rumors season is never a quiet one.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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