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New Orleans Hornets Re-Sign Eric Gordon

     As was expected by most, the Hornets did indeed match the  Suns’s offer sheet to Eric Gordon, worth 4 years and 58 million dollars. The
Hornets took little time to match that max offer, as they wisely view Gordon as  a franchise cornerstone. Gordon did express his desire to leave the team and go  to the Suns, but Gordon is simply too important to the team. He is a 23 year  old, offensive star, who is certain to lead the team in scoring for years to  come and those are characteristics that are simply not easy to find. Gordon still has not reached his potential and he should improve and become an All-Star. As much as he may have wanted to leave, he is simply too good for the Hornets to let go. If he gets over the emotional aspect of having to stay in New Orleans and stays healthy, he should have a big year.

     Now with a core of Davis, Rivers, Gordon and Anderson, who are all signed, or about to be signed for at least four years, the Hornets have a very young and talented team that will grow together. Now with Gordon signed and with his contract issues gone, the next step is to start training camp and learn to play together as a team. Basketball will be very exiting in New Orleans for the next few years and they have the potential to be even better than the Chris Paul led teams of 2005-11.