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New York Knicks Fans Create Petition To Keep Jeremy Lin On Team


Jeremy Lin showed some great skills when he was healthy for the New York Knicks last season. It feels like the Knicks have moved on, however, as they have brought in Raymond Felton and Jason Kidd this offseason. It appears that Lin will end up with the Houston Rockets, but fans want him to stay in NY, so they made a petition. Here is the description of the petition:

Jeremy Lin is the best thing that has happened to New York Knicks basketball in the last 20 years.  With Jeremy Lin as the team’s leader, the team won.  He averaged 18 points and 7 assists as a starter – All-Star level performance.  He has the largest fan base of any player in the NBA, by an order of magnitude.  He’s got the personality and character that fans love.  He’s the one player the New York Knicks need to keep, not lose.  Don’t let Jeremy Lin go – match the Rockets’ offer.

Lin is really beloved by the fans, but I bet there could be a second reason why they want him to stay. How many fans do you think went out and bought Lin gear when Linsanity was at its peak last season? Sounds like that stuff might be useless pretty soon, so I would pull out all the stops to keep him too.

I doubt this has an effect on the Knicks’ decision. They seem set to let Lin go, but at least the Knicks fans are showing how much that they love the point guard. If he does return to NY, the fans will love him. The way recent weeks have gone, I think the fans love him more than his teammates do *cough* Carmelo Anthony *cough*.

If you wish to sign the petition, you can visit the site here.