New York Knicks Guard Jason Kidd Arrested On Misdemeanor DWI Charge

By Riley Schmitt

Jason Kidd made headlines when he agreed to a deal with the New York Knicks.  Now he is making headlines for all the wrong reasons as Kidd was arrested Sunday morning on the suspicion of drunk driving.  He has been charged with a misdemeanor DWI.

Details are still emerging, but Southampton Town police confirmed that the basketball star was arrested during the midnight shift.

Kidd, 39, was arraigned on a misdemeanor DWI charge on Sunday morning in Southampton Town Justice Court and released on his own recognizance.

Not exactly the way that Jason Kidd wants to start off his career with the Knicks.  In fact, this is starting to become a growing trend with athletes.  Too many of them are getting popped for DUIs, OWIs, and DWIs.  You have millions of dollars.  Call a cab.  There is no reason to drive home if you have been drinking.  People will pick you up and give you a ride.

I expect that Kidd is going to face some repercussions from this incident.  Athletes getting busted for drunk driving is way too common these days.  The public stigma against it is going to be insane.  If you are making a ton of money, you should be able to call for a cab.  Driving when drinking is about the stupidest thing you can do and Kidd was lucky he didn’t end up in a wreck.

The Knicks have been in the headlines a lot the last couple of days, but this is certainly not how they wanted to stay in them.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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