NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard May Sit Out 2012-2013 Season If He's Not Traded

By Riley Schmitt

The NBA rumors around Dwight Howard are always changing but they never seem to end.  The latest rumor is a doozy as it appears that Howard would sit out next season if he is not granted a trade by the Orlando Magic.  That is certainly putting your foot down.

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Let’s take this with a grain of salt.  I personally have never heard of Jordan Schultz, so I do not know how credible he is.  However, this could be a move that Howard pulls.  Remember, he’s an overgrown child.  A move like this, as bratty and stupid as it is, could be something that he thinks is a good idea.

Howard desperately does not want to be in Orlando and he wants to go anywhere but.  Well, he actually wants to go to Brooklyn but that can not happen to January or so.  Sitting out until then could be a move he thinks about.  It would be a stupid move, but everything is in plan when you are dealing with this man.

There will certainly be more NBA rumors surrounding Howard.  This situation is far from over and I expect that more crazy stuff will pop up over the next few days.  He desperately wants out but the Magic want to make sure they make a good deal for their future.

The Dwighmare is still going to go on.  I wish it wouldn’t so a Howard free season could be something we all enjoy.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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