An Early Look At Winners And Losers Of The 2012 NBA Offseason

By Riley Schmitt

The 2012 NBA offseason has certainly been exciting.  The 2012 NBA Draft provided some good moments and free agency has had some interesting moves.  It may be a bit early to do this, but I think it is the perfect to break down the winners and losers of the offseason so far.


Los Angeles Lakers:  Any time you can pick up an All-Star point guard without giving up much of anything counts as a win in my book.  Steve Nash is going to help the Lakers a lot, as long as he can adjust to a slower pace.  The Dwight Howard rumors might have a negative effect on Andrew Bynum, but right now things look rosy.

Brooklyn Nets:  The Nets have certainly made one of the biggest splashes this offseason.  They have doled a lot of money in contracts and have been aggressively pursuing Howard.  Adding Joe Johnson to the team, plus keeping the majority of their free agents will make this team a top four seed in the Eastern Conference.

New Orleans Hornets:  Drafting Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers, keeping Eric Gordon, and picking up Ryan Anderson marks a great offseason for the Hornets.  They are definitely could contend for a playoff spot this season.  At the very least, this is going to be a team that will be fun to watch.

Dallas Mavericks:  Things looked bleak for the Mavs early on as they missed out on Nash and Deron Williams.  Fear not, as they decided to make smart move after smart move following that.  They added two very good post players for cheap in Elton Brand and Chris Kaman.  They swung a smart trade to fill out the bench and the signing of OJ Mayo should help the team immensely.  Sneakily good offseason for Cuban and Co.


Orlando Magic:  Every day that Howard remains on their roster counts as a loss for the Magic.  They need to get him off the team just to save some face.  If he comes to camp with the team, it is going to end extremely poorly.  The locker room is toxic.  Get Howard out or continue to ruin your team.

Chicago Bulls:  The team with the strongest bench in the league has let it all vanish.  Kyle Korver, CJ Watson, and Ronnie Brewer have left and Omer Asik might be left. Bringing in Kirk Hinrich was a good sentimental move but I am not sure how much he has left.

 Philadelphia 76ers:  Amnesty Brand and then bring back Spencer Hawes and give Kwame Brown a two year deal with a player option?  Not the easiest moves to figure out.  What are the chances Brown uses that option next year?  Can’t be any less than 98 percent.  Just a weird offseason with moves that seem to contradict each other.  Nick Young was a good pickup though.

Houston Rockets:  Unless they get Howard, this offseason has been a stinker.  They have gutted the roster and have nothing to show for it right now.  They have a bunch of young guys on the team, but this currently has bottom of the Western Conference written all over it.  There has to be an end game at some point.

A lot can change over the next few weeks.  Losers of the 2012 NBA offseason can easily change and some surprising teams could join either list.  Stay tuned for a more updated list once more of the dust settles.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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