Grant Hill Agrees To Deal With Los Angeles Clippers

The Grant Hill sweepstakes has come to an end as the free agent has reportedly agreed to a new deal with the second team in Hollywood.  The Los Angeles Clippers swooped in and picked up Hill, which should come as a shock considering how late they were to the party.

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Everyone and their mother thought Hill was going to end up playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.  Apparently the Clippers had a better deal on the table.  Grant Hill will be counted on to bring a veteran voice to the team, which surprised some people by making the second round of the playoffs last year.

Hill has been remarkable the last couple of years, considering his injury history.  The old man still has some game and has been putting up very solid numbers.  He might fall off without the apparently super human training staff in Phoenix, but this is a solid signing for the Clips.

Grant Hill will make threes, play good defense, and be a good locker room guy.  He is not going to rock the boat, which is perfect for that team.  They have enough weird things happening around them that they need a seemingly normal guy to come in and just be normal.

This move might fly under the radar but it is a very good move for the Clips.  Grant Hill was coveted by a lot of teams and picking him up from right under your rival’s nose is never a bad thing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.