Los Angeles Lakers to Sign Veteran Forward Antawn Jamison

By Kevin Van Pelt

The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly going to sign veteran forward Antawn Jamison to their roster.

Jamison was recruited by a handful of teams, but his decision came down to either playing for his hometown team, the Charlotte Bobcats, or playing for the Lakers. Jamison has chose the chance to get that elusive championship ring in his last few years in the league and it is help that the Lakers greatly need.

The Lakers lack production coming off the bench especially when it comes to scoring. Jamison will provide that as he is a great scorer. He also provides another much needed forward which the Lakers lack behind Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. Jamison averaged over 17 points a games last season with the Cleveland Cavilers and was a great contributor to that team.

However, the only downside to Jamison is that he is another aging player on this team. He is 36 years old and while he was productive with the Cavs last season, he shot a career low in field goal percentage at 40 percent. At this stage in his career, it is harder for Jamison to create his own open looks which is why a move to the Lakers will benefit him greatly. Most of the attention will be focused on Bynum or Gasol down low and Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash will draw double coverages to create open looks for Jamison. Also, with his age he is a higher risk for injury.

The Lakers moves show that they are playing to win a championship right and are not too focused on building for the future. They now have a key group of four guys in the starting lineup and now have veteran experience coming off the bench. The moves may not be done for Los Angeles as they are still one of the frontrunners to obtaining Dwight Howard in a blockbuster trade.

Though the trade for Howard would be nice for the Lakers, they should continue on finding players like Jamison to help create depth on their roster. The bench is still weak for them and they need to improve it. The bench is the last piece of the puzzle that the Lakers need to fix to be a complete team, but they did get the ball rolling by signing Jamison.


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