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New York Knicks Decline To Match Jeremy Lin Offer Sheet, Joins Houston Rockets

The entire Jeremy Lin situation has been weird from the get go.  The Houston Rockets originally offered a four year offer sheet to the point guard who became famous with the New York Knicks.  The Rockets then changed that to a three year sheet and the Knicks went to great lengths to avoid seeing the sheet.  This means Lin will be a Rocket.

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See, the Rockets tried to give the signed Jeremy Lin offer sheet to the Knicks.  The team did everything possible to avoid seeing it as they would not accept the sheet.  Instead of trying to match Lin, they went after another guard and brought Ray Felton into the fold.

On the bright side for the Rockets, they will now have a point guard on the roster if they try to make a big trade for Dwight Howard.  The down side is that they are paying a lot of money to a guy who hasn’t even started 30 games in the league.  Might not be a wise investment.

The Knicks don’t have to pay Lin a lot of money, which is good.  They acted like complete idiots to avoid having to see an offer sheet and signed three point guards that are not exactly great.  That could be a bad move.  There are no winners in this thing.  Both teams looked weird the entire time this went on.

Actually, there is one winner in this whole mess.  That winner is Jeremy Lin, who just got a massive payday without ever really doing anything.  Not a bad paycheck if you can get it.

Scratch that, there is a second winner in this whole shebang.  The new CBA certainly kept the Knicks from wanting to pay Lin 15 million dollars in Year 3 of his contract.  Guess the lockout had an effect on something after all.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.