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Washington Nationals Send Ozzie Guillen An Autographed Bryce Harper Bat

Bryce Harper is going to be a star in baseball.  Ozzie Guillen thinks the kid might not make it and this all dates back to a little feud that started over the weekend.  Guillen thought Bryce Harper was using too much pine tar on his bat, so during his next AB, Harper pointed his bat at Guillen to show him it.  This led to his teammates sending Guillen a Bryce Harper autographed bat.

The Washington Nationals decided to have some fun with this.  Adam LaRoche got Harper to autograph a bat and then he added “To my hero Ozzie, love you.”  He then smeared it in pine tar and had it sent to Guillen.  Well played, Nationals.  Well played.

I thought the whole thing got way too much attention.  Bryce Harper was not trying to show up Guillen.  He may be a bit cocky, but that is a good thing.  Guillen took way too much exception to what happened, especially since he was the man who started the whole thing.  Good thing the Nationals have a sense of humor.

I expect this thing to be over now.  Guillen would be stupid to hold a grudge for this, but he has done stupid things in the past.  Bryce Harper is going to be way too good to focus on this thing for long.  He is going to be a household name for a long time and he will be fun to watch.  If guys like Guillen want to bring him down, more power to them I guess.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.