Boston Celtics Jermaine O'Neal Believes Boston Was A Bad Fit: Perkins Is That Much More Special

By Rob Nelson

Former Boston Celtics center Jermaine O’Neal made some comments that will surely rile up the Boston Celtics fan base. After taking twelve million dollars over two years to play a measly forty nine games out of a possible one hundred forty eight, JO had the nerve to rip Boston and complain his role with the team was not right for him. It appears that JO believes that he is more of a scorer and that just concentrating on defense was just not for him. In that one move JO showed what type of scum that he truly is. However, he also just showed how special that former center Kendrick Perkins is by the fact Perkins knew his role on the team and not only busted his ass and gave his body to that role, but relished it unlike the corpse of JO.

JO is a moron for a variety of reasons. The first is the fact that there is no way that before he was signed that Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers did not go over his role with the team. There is no way Doc did not explain that defense was going to be his job and role in order to help this team win. JO went to a team that already had Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Rajon Rondo on it and that meant Boston already had enough scoring. All JO had to do on the court was block shots, take charges, and rebound. This should have been easy for him. The problem for JO was that he had been a super star and wanted more of the sexy scoring type role. However, if that was your desire do not come to this team. He knew what he was getting into and thus has zero right to even hint at complaining. JO was an epic failure in Boston and now he is trying to make excuses. The man is a joke.

The other issue I have with JO complaining about scoring is had he bothered to move and get open more, I find it hard to believe that Rajon Rondo would not have found him for easy baskets (see Shaq’s almost double digit scoring with a career high 66 percent shooting playing alongside Rondo). JO could have scored, but he chose not to even bother putting the Brandon Bass type effort to get open and be a target for Rondo.

However, all this is negated anyway because JO was hurt almost his entire Celtics career. JO only played a handful of games and thus truly never got to even try on this role for more than a small sample size. If it was not his wrist then it was his back. If not the back then it was his knee. The man was a walking injury waiting to happen. Maybe that is why he could not put the energy on offense and is complaining because he knew his body could not hold up doing both ends of the floor. In a way JO is right about not being a good fit, but he was not a good fit because he is too fragile to get the job Boston wanted him to do done.

Kendrick Perkins could get the job done. Perkins had no problem getting dirty in the paint. He would take pride in taking charges, blocking shots, and rebounding like Pierce takes pride in burying shots. He cared less about shots and more about winning and thus carved out a nice career as a complimentary championship piece. He has gone to three NBA Finals and has a ring that JO will never get.

The bottom line is when one barely plays and then fails at the job that he was asked to do, then that player has zero right to bitch about anything. JO did just that after practically stealing Boston’s money. If I could pick a team to suffer his next epic failure, LA would be it and I am glad the Lakers are foolishly considering signing him. However, this situation just makes me appreciate Kendrick Perkins more. Guys like that are turning into a rare breed and that is sad. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!

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