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Chicago Bulls Agree To Deal With Vladimir Radmanovic

Vladimir Radmanovic was not talked about all offseason but he has a new deal.  News broke late Wednesday that the veteran forward had agreed to a one year deal with the Chicago Bulls.  The veteran will be counted on to do something off the bench.  Seriously.  Anything would help.

The free agent can shoot the ball from deep but I am not 100 percent sure where he fits in on the Bulls.  They were looking for veteran guys to fill out the bench and I guess Vlad decided it was a good fit for him.  If the Bulls decide to let Omer Asik walk, they should have playing time for Vlad.

The worst part about this was that the Bulls had announced this as breaking news.  Vlad Rad is not exactly breaking  news worthy.  He was once a slightly effective player but those days are long gone.  He is not going to be a big difference on the Bulls as they make their march to a really boring season.

The Bulls will not be fun to watch this coming season.  They have eliminated their bench and marked this season up as a lost year.  That is not fun for the fans or anyone who cares about the Bulls.  It is going to be a rough season, especially since the Bulls are going after guys that can not do much to help a winner.

Vladimir Radmanovic is probably a great guy but Bulls fans were hoping for something more.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.