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Nazr Mohammed Close To Deal With Brooklyn Nets

Nazr Mohammed has drawn some decent interest this offseason and it looks like he is finally close to picking his new team.  The Brooklyn Nets appear close to signing the veteran to the veteran’s minimum.

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You know exactly what you are going to get with Nazr Mohammed.  He is going to be a veteran guy who won’t play a lot, but he is going to help the team in practice and be a guy for the younger players to lean on.  He is a perfect guy to fill out a roster spot with and he can play if necessary.

This signing really has no downside for the Nets.  They need to fill out the roster and Mohammed is probably one of the best bigs available for the minimum.  He is not going to cause problems and he brings knowledge about the game to the team.

Brooklyn has certainly had a good offseason and this move continues that.  You need guys like Mohammed on your roster.  Not every player on a team can be a star, but those old guys can play a big role.  If you get to the playoffs and need a guy to play for a quick burst of time, he is not going to hurt you.

A lot of casual fans probably will not understand this potential signing, but it is a good move for the team.  Mohammed brings a lot of stuff to the table and takes nothing off.  Exactly what you want for the minimum amount of money.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.