NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Involved In Dwight Howard Talks

By Riley Schmitt

Dwight Howard is certainly the king of NBA rumors right now.  The Los Angeles Lakers desperately want to acquire the center from the Orlando Magic, but they do not want Andrew Bynum back.  Enter the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have re-entered discussions with the two teams and they want Bynum.

The Cavaliers would land Lakers center Andrew Bynum for a package of draft picks and veteran power forward Anderson Varejao, according to one league source. The Lakers would receive Howard for Bynum. The source said this was merely the framework of a deal being discussed.

I feel like this Howard talk will never end.  Every other day there is some new update that ends up being not new at all.  Howard to LA, Bynum to Cleveland, and other parts to Orlando have been rumored for a long time.  They were dismissed earlier but now they are back alive.

For the sanity of every basketball fan on the planet, I hope that this ends sooner rather than later.  Howard won’t be on the Magic when they go to camp, so they need to move him.  The Lakers seem to want him the most at this stage and are trying to do whatever it takes to get him.  I would personally take Bynum over Howard, but I guess the Lakers think that Howard can win more titles than Bynum.

These NBA rumors are going to keep popping up until a deal is actually done.  The way this is going, a deal probably won’t be done just to spite everyone involved.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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