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NBA Rumors: Dwight Howard Trade To Los Angeles Lakers Grows Closer, But Hurdles Still Remain

The NBA rumors around Dwight Howard could actually be coming to a conclusion.  The big center from the Orlando Magic said he will commit long term to the Los Angeles Lakers if he is traded there.  However, the deal still has plenty of hurdles left to jump before it can be completed.

The Magic are still going to take their time and do the right deal for them.  The Lakers say that they would be willing to take the contract of Jason Richardson back in a trade but not the one of Hedo Turkoglu.  Well, that makes a lot of sense.  J-Rich still has something left in the tank.  Turkoglu’s career fell down an elevator shaft about two years ago and it hasn’t recovered.

The next hurdle to jump involves Andrew Bynum.  He would need to agree to an extension to whatever team that ends up trading for him.  If he goes to Orlando, they would not do the deal unless Bynum says he is there for the long haul.  The same thing applies if he ends up going to a mystery third team.  They are not going to give up assets if they feel like Bynum will jump shit.

People have hammered the Magic for taking a long time to do this deal and I am one of them.  I feel like the longer the deal takes to happen, the more panicked the Magic will end up.  However, I can not fault them for trying to get the very best deal.  I will be shocked if they do this deal without dumping Turkoglu on some poor team.  If you are trading a superstar, you better get rid of the dead weight on your team.

The deal may seem a lot closer than it was just 24 hours ago but there are still plenty of hurdles left to go.  Howard may say he wants LA now, but that could certainly change

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.