Philadelphia 76ers: SG Nick Young, Best Pure Shooter On Roster

By Tyler R. Tynes

Aside from the fact that he never misses a shot when you play against him in NBA 2k12, shooting guard Nick Young is easily the best pure shooter the Sixers have had in recent memory.

Seems like ‘Swaggy P’ found his new home after his signed his new deal with the Philadelphia 76ers earlier this month. Young came to the Sixers for 1-year $6 million deal and instantly became the one of the new fan favorites in the city of Brotherly Love.

With the recent departure of guards Lou Williams and Jodie Meeks, the 76ers needed a push out of the back-court that would begin to stretch the floor. By acquiring Young, it allows other assets (Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner) to have more space to penetrate to the hole.

However there has been some skepticism behind what to do with Young.  Standing at 6’7 , 210lbs, Young has the length and versatility to not only play the 2 spot but also run the 3 if needed. Young also is a very developed shooter making him apt enough to start at shooting guard over Evan Turner. He shot a career 37.8% from 3-point land (compared to 33.7% from the streaky Lou Williams) and also shoots 43% from mid-range, he’s channeling his inner Rip Hamilton.

Even though he has much to be desired on the defensive end of the floor, Young is still a lights-out shooter that can fill up the points column in the box score. If given the opportunity, Young can easily lead the Sixers in scoring, off the bench or starting at guard. Thinking positively, he will most likely lead the team in scoring in less shots it took Lou Will to do it.

Although the Sixers will surely miss the ability of Williams to run the floor with his elite ball handling skills, Young brings more productivity to the team than Williams and Meek, a more consistent jumper than any other player on the team, and the ability to stretch the floor and give help to the other slashers on the team that the front office loves collecting (I mean half the team is over 6’6).

If all goes well for the 27-year old California native, we may see him with ‘Most Improved Player of the Year’ honors. Cheers to the future ‘Swaggy P’.


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