Derrick Rose Updates Fans On His Recovery From ACL Surgery

By Riley Schmitt

Derrick Rose suffered a torn ACL in the first game of the playoffs this past season.  This sent most Chicago Bulls fans into a panic and it has carried over to the offseason.  Rose has not said much of anything in public since the injury, but he took the time to do a Youtube video to updated fans about his recovery.

This is what is great about technology today.  Even so much as 10 years ago, something like this would be unheard of.  Who would have ever guessed that we would be getting injury updates from athletes in the form of a video?  I think technology is going the right way.

I would bet that Rose will miss a decent portion of next season.  However, ACL surgery has come a long ways and I think he will be ready to return to full strength sooner rather than later.  It will take some time for him to trust his knee, but he should be able to return to the player he was before.

The Bulls need that Derrick Rose to come back, simply to keep fans from jumping off the ledge.  The offseason has not inspired Bulls fans about the future and has basically put them into a panic.  The moves the team has made are not moves that you would think a good team would make.

If Derrick Rose comes back and still dominates, it will be a good thing for the Bulls and the entire league.  He is one of the most likable players in the league and it is better when he is there.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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