Jason Williams Delivers Elbow Pass To Scottie Pippen For The Dunk

By Riley Schmitt


Jason Williams could run the point better than a lot of players that ever stepped on the court.  The man known best as “White Chocolate” can still deliver an awesome pass as you can see him hit Scottie Pippen with an elbow pass for the wide open dunk.

I am not 100 percent where this video is taking place at but it is great to see Jason Williams still dropping dimes like he was back in the day.  He was extremely fun to watch and was part of a group that helped bring point guard play back to professional basketball.  Mike Bibby, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and Williams made watching basketball fun for people who love the amazing pass.

The elbow pass is what makes this video for me.  It is a perfect pass right there and sets Pippen up for the easy dunk.  Not a lot of people can control a ball with their elbow but Williams manages to pull it off perfectly.  I bet I could go out and try that type of pass for a couple hours and mess it up every single time.  Williams is pulling something like that off in the middle of a game.

We won’t see Jason Williams playing a competitive game again but he is a perfect guy to have comeback for an old timers game, even if he is not that old.  He just passes the ball to well to be left out of games like this.  If you want to see creative passing and you want fans on their feet, just look to J-Will.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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