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Los Angeles Lakers Would Be Wise To Avoid Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard keeps finding ways into the news, even when people are absolutely sick of hearing about him.  The Orlando Magic center’s agent said that the will not sign an extension, which has slowed trade talks with numerous teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers.  The Lakers look like the favorites right now, but they would be wise to steer clear.

See, the Lakers already have a pretty good center in Andrew Bynum.  Bynum may not be better than Dwight Howard right now, but I think that he can surpass him sooner rather than later.  Plus, Bynum is younger, even if he does have some knee problems.  Howard has back issues and those don’t exactly go away over night.

If you trade for Howard, you have to hope that he is going to decide to stay.  He wants to explore free agency, which means he could go to almost any team in the league.  If you are LA, do you really want to run the risk that he does not come back?  I would start working with Bynum on an extension ASAP.  He might not be better than Howard, but if you get him locked up, you won’t end up losing an asset.

I still think the Lakers make a run at Howard, but I would be cautious about a move.  LA will be running the risk that Dwight leaves and he would have all the power in the situation.  You do not want a guy who changes his mind about four times a day to have too much power over your team.  If you trade for him and he leaves, you just wasted the final good years of Kobe Bryant’s career.

This situation will continue to drag on but the negatives outweigh the positives if you are the Lakers.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.