Kevin Love: Trying To Get The Minnesota Timberwolves To The Playoffs

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The Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Power Forward Kevin Love is the only player on the USA men’s Olympic basketball team yet to have played a postseason game. Aside from the injured Blake Griffin replacement, Anthony Davis, who will play his first NBA regular season play in the upcoming season (So he doesn’t count).

During a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports Marc J. Spears, Love explained that:

“My patience is not high,” Love said. “Would yours be, especially when I’m a big proponent of greatness surrounding itself with greatness? All these [Team USA] guys seem to have great players around them.

“It’s tough seeing all these guys that are young and older who have all played in the playoffs. When they start talking about that, I have nothing to talk about. If I don’t make the playoffs next year I don’t know what will happen.”

Furthermore, he elaborated:

“At this point, I’m not afraid to go on the record,” Love said. “Being around these [USA] guys, they know the situation I’m in and how competitive I am. I want to win. All the players on the Timberwolves feel the same way, as well. The coaching staff is awesome. They want to win and win now. Hopefully, we can make some stuff happen.

Since the Yahoo! Sports interview about two weeks ago, Love has given basketball media an update. He told the Pioneer Press that, “We had bad blood in the locker room. We got that out.”

The bad blood comment could be referring to Michael Beasley, Anthony Randolph, Martell Webster and/or Darko Milicic. Love is at the point he is using the media to pressure management. So its safe to say he has already exhausted less drastic measures. Timberwolves management responded by making a few of the required moves to become a better franchise. But overall, they have been relatively quiet during the offseason.

This isn’t a new issue in the NBA. Vince Carter left the Toronto Raptors for the same reasons. He was vocal about the problems in Toronto. Since then, tons have followed.

At 23-years old Love is probably one of the best power forwards in the league. He made the Olympic team, the All-Star team and averages 13 rebounds and 26 points.

The basketball world is becoming accustom to “big 3s” and more recently “big 4s.” Love is all up in Minnesota solo. He needs some All-Star company. The Timberwolves haven’t done enough to secure the roster they need to complete. Love is right, management should be making an effort to surround him with other great players. Two great players and a strong starting five can make a franchise.

And whats the point of the Timberwolves keeping Love if they aren’t going to ensure he can perform to his fullest potential?

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