Nazr Mohammed Reportedly Agrees To Deal With Chicago Bulls

By Riley Schmitt

Nazr Mohammed seemed like a lock for the Brooklyn Nets but that seems to have changed.  According to a report, Mohammed has spurned the Nets and will sign with the Chicago Bulls.  This probably means the Bulls will not be matching the offer sheet on Omer Asik.

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Well, this deal does make sense for the Bulls.  Mohammed will be a veteran minimum guy and the Bulls will not have to pay a lot for him.  He can still play some minutes and be effective so the Bulls end up with a cheap backup center as they try to avoid the luxury tax.

Bulls fans have to be sick of hearing about the luxury tax by now.  The Bulls have basically decided to throw this season away in order to wait for a better chance to contend.  Let’s just say that Bulls fans are lukewarm about any signing the team has made.  It won’t be a fun team to watch.

This isn’t a knock against Nazr Mohammed, who is a pro’s pro.  He is going to be asked to play too much probably and Bulls fans will get angry with him.  He can’t help it, but the Bulls are making sure to get someone cheap over someone who can make an actual impact.  That is basically a giant middle finger to the paying fans that support the team.

This deal is not officially done so Mohammed could change his mind again.  As of now, he is going to be playing in the Windy City on a team stuck in neutral.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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