Which Teams Have Improved Their Rosters The Most Through Free Agency?

By Kaylyn Neely

Throughout this vibrant free agency, many teams have made very notable attempts to improve their rosters. Some teams won big and others were fruitless in their attempts, while others made questionable moves. Finally, a far few teams remained very quiet.

The Toronto Raptors went after Steve Nash and were shutdown. The Los Angeles Clippers acquired Lamar Odom, who had previously been dropped by the Dallas Mavericks because his basketball schedule got in the way of his career as a Kardashian. They signed the questionable forward to a four-year deal. The Miami Heat hit the jackpot and stole Ray Allen for a fraction of his previous salary. Teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves disappeared and didn’t give their mega talents like Kevin Love, a superstar friend to play with.

At this point, with much of the work already done, which teams did the best job of taking advantage of the free agency prospects and improved their team the most?

The Brooklyn Nets

Key to the new Brooklyn Nets roster include former Clippers playoff boss Reggie Evens. The Nets, maybe second only to the Lakers, did everything possible to become a top contender. Along with Evans, Joe JohnsonDeron Williams, Gerald WallaceKris Humphries and Brook Lopez are roster highlights for the upcoming season.

Many Nets are in the golden years of their careers. The Nets have used free agency to become one of the brightest teams in the league.

The Los Angeles Lakers

Steve Nash and possibly Dwight Howard, the Lakers have done everything that they can and more, to ensure that they end up in the finals.

The Miami Heat 

Taking your talents to South Beach is always a super popular option in the NBA since taking talent to South Beach became a thing. The Heat grabbed Ray Allen because he is determined to win a championship in his last NBA years. Rashard Lewis also joined one of the most talented and complete rosters in the league.

Charlotte Bobcats

There was no where to go but up for the Bobcats. They made some cuts and added Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. The Bobcats have four outstanding draft picks from the last two years in Kidd-Gilchrist, Jeffery Taylor, Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo. Things are looking up for the Bobcats.

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors didn’t loss notable talent and they added 20-year old top college prospect Harrison Barnes. North Carolina’s small forward had a fantastic college career and probably would have been selected earlier in 2012 draft if Kentucky’s entire starting five hadn’t declared themselves eligible as well. In addition, they added another rookie, Festus Ezeli. They have a lot of talent to develop and long-term sustainability.

New Orleans Hornets

Not only did New Orleans grab Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson as well as secure Eric Gordon, they ensured that New Orleans continued to be their home.

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