Philadelphia 76ers: Coach Collins Likes Team Makeup

By Tyler R. Tynes

Seems like dear old Doug likes to work with guys who on the surface seem like they have no future. Or at least that has what’s become apparent in the last few years under his coaching of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Coach Doug Collins has taken follies and turned them into fortune beneath his tutelage in mere seasons as we sat back and watched. His most recent project was that of big man Lavoy Allen from Temple, who was reportedly ESPN’s pick for the worst player in the NBA a season ago.

After Doug got a hold of him, he not only got resigned but was a force in the postseason against the Boston Celtics in games four & five. Per the requests of many in the front office (mostly the coaching staff) the Sixers signed former No. 1 pick Kwame Brown.

The coaching staff all are familiar with Brown after Collins served as the coach of the Washington Wizards in the early 2000’s. All of the other coaches on the 76ers roster all worked or played against Brown during his tenure in the league thus far.

Now even though Coach Collins, can turn one team’s trash to another’s treasure, this may be the biggest stretch of his coaching career so far. Brown, the 11 year veteran, was the No.1 overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft, and also thought to be the biggest bust in NBA Draft history. In 11 years in the NBA the only thing Brown has done for teams is find different ways to take their money.

Even though he is a better defender than Spencer Hawes at center, he isn’t work the deal that was given to him. The 30-year-old has averaged 6.8 points and 5.6 rebounds in 11 seasons with Washington, the Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis, Detroit, Charlotte and Golden State.

Collins also revealed his potential starting lineup earlier this week. It seems as though Holiday, Turner, Iguodala, Hawes, and Brown will start in that order. I don’t know what Coach Collins is thinking but it’s obvious this team deserves a much needed makeover for the standing makeup of our offense.


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