Derrick Rose Not Likely To Return Before March After ACL Surgery

By Riley Schmitt

It appears that Derrick Rose will not be making the his return at the super optimistic timeframe of January.  It appears that Rose is on track to return to the Chicago Bulls before March, which makes sense.  If the team plans on mailing in the season, Rose should take his time on his return.

Derrick Rose should certainly be in no rush to return.  Bulls fans would rather have a 100 percent Rose return late in the season than a 75 or 80 percent Rose that returns in January.  It is going to take time for Rose to start to trust his knee again so fans would rather have that happen in practice than during live game action.

There will be reports about Rose’s recovery all offseason and until he returns to the court.  Every player recovers differently from a knee injury.  Some days he will return to sooner, other days will have him returning later.  It is basically up to Derrick Rose when he returns.

Without Rose, the Bulls roster, for lack of a better word, is going to be interesting.  They have napalmed the current roster and replaced it with cheap veteran fill-ins and the former golden boy of the Bulls.  It may not result in a great product on the court, but it will certainly save money.

Derrick Rose will be back sometime next season.  Right now, the date is negotiable.  For a player of his caliber, basketball fans would rather see a healthy and dominant Rose than a possibly still injured shell of himself.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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