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Marco Belinelli Agrees To Deal With Chicago Bulls

The rumors have become official as the Chicago Bulls have agreed to a deal with Marco Belinelli.  The guard will be expected to bring shooting off the bench for the team next seasons.

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This move has been rumored for a couple of days as the Bulls still need some long range shooting off the bench after they gutted the roster this offseason.  Marco Belinelli may not be a big name but he can shoot the ball.  That is something that will be needed while the team waits for Derrick Rose to return.  It will also be needed after he comes back.

This move is pretty meh on the surface, but Bulls fans should not be upset about it.  They have done an okay of making the team look decent on paper.  They have destroyed the bench, but they have tried to rebuild it on the cheap with decent players.  Marco is going to knock down shots and the value of his contract is not out of control.

It will be a depressing season for Bulls fans.  This team will not compete for a title this season.  That is written in stone unless Rose morphs into Superman sometime in the next month or so.  That is not something fans want to hear but sometimes the truth hurts.

Belinelli has a chance to stick with the team as a shooting guard if he can continue to make shots.  If not, the Bulls got him for cheap.  That’s a plus, right?

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.