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Boston Celtics To Open Season In Miami: Let The War For The East Begin

The NBA let news out that on opening night of the 2012-2013 season that would be the first in a series of battles that will probably decide the fate of the Eastern Conference. On the night that the Miami Heat raise their championship banner that was handed to them by David Stern and the Vince McMahon like officials a rivalry will be reignited. On opening night the Boston Celtics will battle the Miami Heat as the Heat will get their first taste at the newly reloaded to unseat them provided David Stern’s goons do not get involved Celtics and the Celtics will get their first look at Judas…oops Ray Allen (welcome to the other side of the rivalry and no an add in the Boston Globe thanking me does not let me forgive you for turning your back on this team) in a Heat uniform.

This rivalry is well documented. The Boston Celtics were the thorn in Dwayne Wade and LeBron James side that ultimately forced their unholy union. Paul Pierce has been the one true rival to LeBron as he their clashes have been the stuff of legends. The Kevin Garnett and Chris Bosh rivalry is also not that far behind as far as Bosh wanting to prove that he is every bit the player KG is. No one team has caused Miami more torment than Boston and that is why the respect from these two men for Boston is always there. The Heat know that Boston has the heart of a champion and could easily unseat them should they not elevate their games.

Miami did make some moves. The Heat did add Judas..oops Ray Allen to their roster. Allen will hit some threes, drain some free throws, and be a solid addition to their roster. However, can he stay healthy? I am not sold on Rashard Lewis coming aboard. Lewis is no longer a good player and I view him as this year’s version of Eddie Curry for them. The guy can no longer shoot like he used to as injuries and personal issues have taken a ton away form his game. The bottom line is Miami in my mind stayed the same and did not get better.

The Boston Celtics are a proud franchise with a warrior mentality. This means the losses in the playoffs the last two years to the Heat have not sat well with them. Granted they were undermanned both years, but Boston does not make excuses. The Heat were the more talented team. However, the Boston Celtics were the more resilient team. The Celtics last year came within a few BLOWN calls from sending King James packing once again despite the fact they had no Jeff Green, Chris Wilcox, and the important “Dwayne Wade slayer” that is Avery Bradley. The Celtics also had major injuries to key rotation pieces like Pierce (sprained MCL), Judas..oops Allen (bone spurs in his ankles), and Mickael Pietrus (knee injury). Still Miami needed every last weapon in their arsenal to finally drive the stake through the Celtics heart in the final minutes of the fourth quarter of game seven of the Conference Finals.

This year Boston reloaded. The team has more depth to keep their big guns like Pierce, Garnett, and Rajon Rondo fresh. Jeff Green, Jason Terry, Chris Wilcox, Jason Collins, and Courtney Lee will be donning green to bolster the bench. Avery Bradley should be healthy this season with his shoulder problems corrected. The team even added a stud post scorer in Jared Sullinger throughout he draft. This team is versatile and matches up very well against the Heat.

Opening night is around the corner. The rivalry will be renewed. The team without he best shot at dethroning the champs in the East will get their first crack at them. My money is on Boston this year with this revamped lineup both on opening night and for the long haul. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!!