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Chicago Bulls Choose To Not Match Contract Offer To Omer Asik

The Omer Asik era with the Chicago Bulls is over.  The team has decided not to match the contract offer that the Houston Rockets gave Asik.  This was basically a given after the Bulls agreed to a deal with Nazr Mohammed.

It originally looked like the Bulls would match any offer for Omer Asik, but the fear of the luxury tax won out.  Instead of paying Asik big money in the final year of his three year proposed deal, they decided to move on to cheap veteran contracts.  The Rockets are picking up a guy who doesn’t really score or rebound, but a guy who can absolutely stop the opponent from scoring.

That is the biggest issue when people evaluate Omer Asik.  He is very much a SABR friendly basketball player.  The common stats really do not matter when it comes to him.  Point per possession when he is on the floor is the best stat to look at.  Remember, the Bulls had the most efficient defense in 2010-2011 when the bench mob was on the floor.  That lineup included Asik.

The Rockets are still planning to chase after Dwight Howard and Asik would be a perfect backup to him.  The Rockets would certainly be able to shut down the post offense of other teams.  That is not exactly a bad thing to have.  If they do not end up with Howard, Asik might be able to man the fort long enough up front as a starter.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.