NBA Rumors: Orlando Magic Might Not Trade Dwight Howard Until Next Offseason

By Riley Schmitt

The NBA rumors around Dwight Howard have been rampant this summer but they did calm down over the last week or two.  The Orlando Magic have decided that they might hold onto the center until next summer, which will drive most basketball fans into complete insanity.

A source told Sheridan Hoops that trade talks involving Howard, which the Orlando Magic just put on hold, could go on all summer – of 2013.

The Magic seemed ready to take the best current offer – such as the Brooklyn Nets’ package headed by Brook Lopez – but are now determined to draw out the process in hope of getting better offers.

Yep, this has absolutely gone on too long.  The Magic should be applauded for hoping for the best deal but at some point Howard will cause issues.  He wants out and he is not going to go about this quietly.  The Magic have to trade him in order to avoid total chaos this coming season.  Then again, total chaos might show them into the lottery.

The smart money would be on the Magic holding onto Howard until the trade deadline and then moving on.  By then, the front office should be able to pick the best offer out there.  They will not have to take some bad offer just to get rid of the center.

Most basketball fans are going to find this annoying.  This has blown past “The Decision” and it is well on its way to being the most annoying basketball story in the history of the world.  NBA rumors are great, but this has reached the point of no return.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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