New York Knicks Agree To Deal With Ronnie Brewer

By Riley Schmitt

Ronnie Brewer is going to be a big help to his new team.  Brewer has agreed to a one year deal with the New York Knicks, who can certainly use Brewer’s talents.  Someone on that team has to play defense besides Tyson Chandler.

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Brewer played for the Chicago Bulls last year and was part of their bench mob.  The bench mob no longer exists, so Brewer was looking elsewhere.  He will be a good change of pace off the bench for the Knicks.  Instead of adding a guy who likes to shoot, they added a guy who can play defense, run the break, and attack the baseline.  They needed a guy who can do something like that.

Ronnie Brewer is not going to score a lot of points, but there is nothing wrong with that.  If he can give the Knicks 20 minutes off the bench as a defensive guy, that will help them a lot.  You win games in the postseason by playing defense.  Scoring a ton is fun until it gets to crunch time.  Good teams will shut other teams down late in games.  The Knicks are basically a sieve on defense as they are currently constructed.

The Bulls will probably miss him but this is a big gain for the Knicks.  Fans might get frustrated as he blows numerous dunks and layups but his defense should help make up for that.  This could be the smartest move that the team has made during the offseason.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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