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Serge Ibaka Elbows And Shoves Luis Scola During An Olympics Exhibition

Serge Ibaka can be added to the list of people who just do not like Luis Scola.  Spain was playing Argentina in an Olympics exhibition when Ibaka took offense to Scola being Scola.  This resulted in an elbow to the face region and a two handed shove later on.

Spain was dominating Argentina at the time so Scola could not have been happy.  Going after Ibaka isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do, however.  He has an extremely long reach, so a fight against him is going to end poorly.  These two teams could meet in the actual games, so it is something to watch.

The biggest thing to take from this is how bad Spain took it to Argentina.  Team USA struggled against Argentina in an exhibition and they take on Spain Tuesday in an exhibition.  If the USA loses that game, there will be serious questions about their ability to win gold.

It will be a great game to watch.  There is a lot of pure basketball talent on both sides.  Argentina is also a team that could compete for gold, but it will be between Spain and the USA.  Ibaka has a quick temper so it might be to the advantage of the USA to get into his head.

Serge Ibaka has joined some good company though.  There are a lot of players who would love to smack Scola.  He is basically an irritant on the court.  He is good at what he does but he gets under the skin of a lot of guys.  Ibaka made a lot of fans with that shove.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.