Jonas Valanciunas Throws Down Off The Glass Alley Oop During Olympics Exhibition

By Riley Schmitt

Jonas Valanciunas is expected to do big things for the Toronto Raptors next season.  As for now, he is tuning up to play in the Olympics.  During a Lithuania tuneup game against Iceland, the big man threw down a dunk off an off the glass alley oop.

After watching this video, it is pretty easy to feel sorry for the guy from Iceland.  He thought he was going to get a big block off of a layup but Jonas Valanciunas just decided to ruin his life and his day.  A dunk like that takes a long time to recover from.  He might need some sort of therapy.

The big man won’t be doing that in the pro league next season, but he is expected to help the Raptors make a playoff push.  The push might end up being all for naught, but he has shown that he has a ton of talent.  If you are the Raptors, adding talent never hurts, especially talent that can throw down dunks like this.

It would be great if this play showed up in the Olympics.  It would be impossible to pull off during an actual all out game, but it would certainly break the internet.  Imagine if a player from the US did this.  ESPN would stop and the play would be shown on a constant loop for almost a day.  Poor Jonas just doesn’t get that exposure.  If he pull it off this coming season, I think everyone will know who he is.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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