Minnesota Timberwolves Agree To Two Year Deal With Andrei Kirilenko

By Riley Schmitt

It was speculated that Andrei Kirilenko would come back to the NBA and join the Minnesota Timberwolves and now it turns out to be true.  The two sides have agreed to a two year deal that would be worth nearly 20 million dollars.

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The Timberwolves need a small forward and Kirilenko is still a very good one.  He will provide an all around game for the Timberwolves.  He did not play in the league last year and that might have been good for him.  He was able to step away from the US version of basketball and play some ball in his home country.

Andrei Kirilenko fills a big need for the team and he is going to be a big part of the attempt to make the playoffs.  He can fill the stat sheet and he really does not do anything negative on the court.  He is a veteran who has shown that he can play at a high level.  On a roster that is pretty young, AK47 is going to be a big presence in the locker room with some of the younger players that have not succeeded yet.

This is another good move in a series of good moves from the TWolves this offseason.  They have done a very good job of reshaping the roster in order to make a run to the playoffs.  They should be able to beat some good teams this year and the seventh or eighth seed should not be out of the question.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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