NBA Rumors: Boston Celtics Mickael Pietrus Will Not Return To Boston

By Rob Nelson

The NBA rumors are again surfacing with news regarding the Boston Celtics. The latest rumor is that Mickael Pietrus will not be back in Boston next season. This might very well be true despot ethe fact that Pietrus has made it clear that he wants another run with this team.

The reason Pietrus will not be back is simply money. The Boston Celtics are up against the salary cap and only have the veteran minimum deal and the bi annual exception of 2.2 million to offer. Boston will not use the bi annual deal on Pietrus due to the fact they can only use this once every two years and if a player is cut during the year that could put them over the top it would be a very enticing contract to offer them after being bought out. This means the veteran minimum is all that is left. The fact is Pietrus agent has come out and said that Pietrus is not a veteran minimum player. If that is truly the case then that means Pietrus will probably not be back.

However, there is still a chance Pietrus will return. Pietrus could over rule his agent and sign with Boston should his heart truly desire to be a Boston Celtic. The other reason he could be back is simply because the offers are not there despite his agents claims of overseas offers and other teams offering a better deal. I find it hard to imagine that a guy coming off two knee surgeries in two years and had his performance greatly effected by his knee injury in these past NBA playoffs is in as much demand as his agent claims. If the offers are not there than Pietrus might be wise to come back to a contending team like Boston on a cheap one year deal and hope to make a significant contribution in order to earn a bigger pay check next year. Stay tuned for more on this rumor as it plays out. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!

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