What will Evan Fournier Bring to the Denver Nuggets?

By nbamistress

The Denver Nuggets seem pretty set in their 15-man roster at the moment and within the names of one of the youngest squads in the Association is a player that was just drafted last month. He hails from France, is only 19 years of age, and he goes by the name of Evan — not Avon — Fournier. However, what kind of impact — if any — can he make next season with the Nuggets?

Many believed Denver selected the young player in hopes of stocking a player overseas for a few seasons, but this proved to be wrong as the Mile High club signed Fournier to a contract.

He’s staying in the city that sits at 5280 feet, but with a deep, situated roster what can he bring to the table?

First and foremost, Fournier is a talented player with a rather decent — from what we have witnessed — basketball IQ and he debuted in Summer League last week and exhibited amazing court vision. He shot nearly 37% from downtown during SL, up from shooting less than 30% in France last year; during this time he also averaged 14.8 points per game.

He’s aggressive, which is something we don’t always see in rookies, and isn’t afraid to drive to the rack. At 6’7″ he has a nice defensive repertoire to his arsenal, but will still have to adjust how he defends to be tailored to the NBA level.

Granted that Arron Afflalo and Andre Miller will see most of the time at the shooting guard position, the likelihood of Fournier making an impact as a rookie is slim, but that’s not to say he won’t be an asset or George Karl won’t use him in some capacity.

Either way, Denver Nuggets fans can get excited about the future place Evan Fournier has with the team.

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