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2012-2013 NBA TV Schedule: Golden State Warriors

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The schedule for the 2012-2013 NBA season came out today and for the Golden State Warriors the team make 15 combined appearances on either NBA TV, ESPN or TNT. For a team that will have its ups and downs this season that’s a fair amount of games that will showcase the young talent of second year shooting guard Klay Thompson and rookies Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green.

NBA TV schedule:

November 3rd @ Los Angeles Clippers: Last season the two teams split and David Lee and Blake Griffin battles will be entertaining.

December 29th @ Boston Celtics:  Over the last couple of seasons the Warriors have played the Celtics tough and with Andrew Bogut healthy and Stephen Curry back this will be another close game.

March 2nd @ Philadelphia 76ers: Doug Collins had the 76ers firing on all cylinders and neither game was close last year with Louis Williams leading the way in the blowouts, so this game will likely not be one to watch if history is any indication.

March 9th Milwaukee Bucks: Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh return to the Oracle to face off against their former team.

March 15th Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose likely will be back from his knee injury and yet this is a team he struggles against.

March 25th Los Angeles Lakers: Depending on what happens with Dwight Howard and with Steve Nash the Warriors need to play at all cylinders to keep the game close even if nothing happens with Howard.

April 15th San Antonio Spurs: Simply a match-up nightmare.

ESPN schedule:

December 14th at Orlando Magic: A question mark as depending on what happens with Howard he could still be on the team or he could be traded.

January 16th Miami Heat: The defending champions come calling and by adding Ray Allen the Heat become more dangerous with a consistent three-point shooter.

February 22nd San Antonio: Like before a match-up nightmare.

March 8th Houston Rockets: Jeremy Lin the former Warriors leads the Rockets into town.

April 17th at Portland Trail Blazers: With Bogut the Trail Blazers slower pace should not cause as much issues as in the past and Lee gets help on the boards defending LaMarcus Aldridge, which is another intriguing match-up.

TNT schedule:

November 29th Denver Nuggets: Curry matching up against Ty Lawson will be a treat.

January 31st Dallas Mavericks: O.J. Mayo, Elton Brand and Dirk Nowitzki provide the size and athleticism to make this an interesting battle between the two teams.

April 11th Oklahoma City Thunder: The Thunder swept all four meetings between the two teams last season, though there were a number of close games. The Warriors just didn’t have enough, with the young players and the team healthy look for a competitive game.

The 15 games offer a number of difficult match-ups and it will be great to see how the pieces fall into place as the season progresses and to see if the Warriors can surprise some very good teams on national TV.


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