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Carmelo Anthony And Kevin Durant Show Off Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms

Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant might be the two key players for Team USA in the Olympics.  The opening ceremonies are Friday and the players had to try on their uniforms for the the first time.  Kevin Love snapped a photo showing what the uniforms actually look like.

Those guys look pretty fly. For all the hubbub about where the uniforms were made, they actually look pretty good. The giant basketball players wearing those are going to look goofy but at least the uniforms looking pretty nice.

Now we just need to get them back in basketball uniforms so Team USA can bring home another gold medal.  Kevin Durant and Melo are going to be the guys that help bring the gold home.  Durant is the guy who does the scoring for the starters and Melo has come off the bench to ignite the team in the last two exhibition games.

The best part about the lead up to the games has been watching how close the players on Team USA actually are to each other.  It might be a weird thing to enjoy, but the guys are clearly enjoying spending time with each other.  The amount of pictures that the guys take of each other sleeping or doing weird things is pretty funny for a lot of basketball fans.  It’s nice to see the guys unwind and soak in the surroundings.

A lot of people are going to enjoy the ceremonies and it looks like the uniforms are pretty cool.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.