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Sixers Guard, Evan Turner, Getting Too “Twitter Famous”

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So apparently we (the media) have decided to celebrate athletes for doing absolutely nothing. Well that isn’t anything unusual, but it seems as though the minutia has started to pile up around specific athletes in the Philadelphia 76ers camp.

In recent weeks, Sixers guard Evan Turner, has received some attention for the most trivial things revolving around his popular profile on the social media site, Twitter. Media outlets all across or involving Philadelphia have taken to their notepads to highlight his postings on the site more and more frequently since he’s dawned a 76ers jersey.

During the series with the Chicago Bulls, he took to Twitter to express how he felt about the match up and got a foul response from fans and media alike which caused him to apologize. However, this hasn’t been the first in recent social media screw ups for the young guard.

In April of last year he took to Twitter about the fashion selection of teammate Spencer Hawes. Even though it was in a joking manner many didn’t see it that way. In February of 2010 while he was playing at Ohio State, he publicly “bashed” ( as some believed) Purdue’s Chris Kramer.

Now more recently in Philadelphia, CSN Philly, just released an article where he picked the Boston Celtics to use in NBA 2k12, a popular video game in the United States, and expressed it via Twitter. This has just become absolutely ludicrous now in terms of news.

Yes, Twitter can be a light-hearted and titillating  way to converse with the mini-masses of today’s world, but for a high-profile athlete of any kind to call out another on Twitter is just ridiculous and immature to a point. Now I’m not saying don’t use the social media site at all because then I would look like a hypocrite. all I’m saying is that all things should be used in moderation and principle.

Also let’s not forget, Turner is a professional basketball player for one of the most competitive teams in the most competitive conference in all of the Eastern Conference. I would just rather see the young star in the making cement himself a little more in the Philadelphia franchise as we all know he has the potential too. I see a good future for Evan Turner, but only if he can limit himself from getting too “Twitter Famous”.

Last season Turner averaged 9.4 points per game, 2.8 assists per game, shot 44.6% from the floor, 22.4% from 3-point land and 67.6% from the line in 26.4 minutes a game.


Tyler R. Tynes is the Featured Columnist  for the Philadelphia 76ers with Rant SportsBeat Writer covering the Philadelphia 76ers for Buzz On Broad and 76ers Analyst for Philly Sports Nut.

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