Ten Games To Watch For On The 2012 NBA Schedule

By Riley Schmitt

The 2012 NBA schedule was just released, which means there are some great games to look forward to.  There are a lot of games on the schedule, but you should clear your schedule to watch these ten games next season.

10/30/12:  Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat:  Opening night sees these two rivals square off after their awesome Eastern Conference Finals series last year.  Expect fireworks, but maybe not as many as when a certain Heat guard returns to Boston.

11/1/12:  New York Knicks @ Brooklyn Nets:  November 1st marks the first game between these two and it also marks the opener in Brooklyn.  Time to see how intensive the crowd in Brooklyn is going to be.

12/2/12:  Orlando Magic @ Los Angeles Lakers:  Dwight Howard’s current (or possibly old) team plays his possible new (or current) team.  Should be quite interesting to watch.

12/17/12:  Houston Rockets @ New York Knicks:  Jeremy Lin returns to Madison Square Garden.  Does Linsanity make the Knicks pay for letting him go?

1/2/13:  Dallas Mavericks @ Miami Heat:  The last two champions square off in what should be a fantastic game.  Well, maybe not fantastic but it might be fun for a half.

1/3/13:  Los Angeles Lakers @ Phoenix Suns:  Can I interest you in Steve Nash’s return to Phoenix?  I thought I could.

2/14/13:  Miami Heat @ Oklahoma City Thunder:  The Heat meet the Thunder in a Finals rematch in the Thunderdome.  Could be a Finals preview once again.

3/13/13:  New York Knicks @ Denver Nuggets:  Carmelo Anthony returns to Denver.  Probably not a big deal or anything.

3/18/13:  Miami Heat @ Boston Celtics:  Ray Allen comes back to Boston.  Expect a cheer until he makes a three.  Then boos will rain down for the rest of eternity.

4/14/13:  Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat:  Derrick Rose should be back and this could be a preview of a difficult playoff series for Miami if the Bulls have a low enough seed.

Looks like we have quite the 2012 NBA schedule.  Going to be a great time to be a basketball fan.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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