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The Orlando Magic Need To Play Hard Ball With Dwight Howard

The saga of Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic goes beyond ridiculous and it’s a shame that the organization has allowed it to get this far. It started during the season with the reports of Howard not wanting to play for head coach Stan Van Gundy. There was also the infamous press room incident between the two and during the offseason the firing of Van Gundy and the resignation of general manager Otis Smith.

Rumors circulated on a weekly basis and finally one team the Brooklyn Nets got sick of his childish act and re-signed Brook Lopez to a four-year deal though that can of worms be opens again in six months.  Yet, the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers entered the fold and the Los Angeles Lakers continue to try to make a deal to bring him in and now the Dallas Mavericks are in the mix if he is not traded at some point during the 2012-2013 season.

He also made it more difficult for new Magic general manager Rob Hennigan as he has tried to persuade him to stay a member of the organization and his answer remains the same and the other reason trading him will be difficult is because he will not sign a contract extension and instead will explore free agency.

There’s no question that a trade has become necessary, yet time is on the Magic’s side. He is under contract with the team and if he is healthy to start the season after undergoing back surgery he will be in the starting lineup. An ultimatum from the team will go a long way and that is in response to his public trade demands and if those continue he shall be fined or suspended.

Regardless of what Howard wants he needs to be shown that the Magic are going to do what is best for the team and that he is not the one calling the shots. A trade will happen once a deal that is acceptable is brought forth and until that time he is a member of the team and needs to start acting like one.