Part I: Milwaukee Bucks games to highlight in 2012-‘13

By Bobby Malecki

With the National Basketball Association schedule having been released this week, it’s only fitting to look at it with eager anticipation. If you’re an NBA and basketball junkie like me, you’ve already scanned it over and looked for compelling games to tune into.

My true love, no disrespect Melody, (my loving GF of near a year) is and  always has been, Milwaukee Bucks basketball. With that being said, I’ve already studied the Bucks schedule as if I was feverously prepping for a mid-term exam.

There are 16 games on the 2012-2013 Milwaukee Bucks schedule that demanded an immediate desk check for a highlighter. I own a ‘Bucks-green’ one, you? To simplify the process, I am doing a four-part assessment of the games I chose to put the ‘Bucks-green’ highlighter to use.

So without further ado, not only is November bringing us Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!….. November is also delivering us four must-see Bucks games!

1. Friday, November 2nd @ Boston

The Bucks’ season opener is at the star-laden, veteran savvy and 2011 Eastern Conference Finals runner-up, Boston Celtics. Rondo, Pierce, KG, Ray All……. wait, oops! My bad Celtic nation, sensitive subject! It’s all good though, as the newly acquired Jason Terry will be making his Celtic debut and 2012 1st-Rd draft pick Jared Sullinger (No. 21 pick ’12) will be making his NBA debut. How can a season opener at Boston not get the blood pumpin’?!?!

2. Saturday, November 3rd v. Cleveland

If you aren’t chomping at the bit for the home opener to begin with, you’re not a serious Milwaukee Bucks fan! Cleveland comes to town for this season’s edition featuring former #1 draft pick (2011) and reigning Rookie-of-the-Year Kyrie Irving. Outside of Irving, Cleveland has plenty of exciting, young talent to watch: Tristan Thompson (No. 4 pick ’11); Dion Waiters (No. 4 pick ’12) & Tyler Zeller, who was on the Bucks’ radar going into this year’s draft.  (No. 17 pick ’12) Don’t forget about a possible Jon Leuer sighting!

3. Saturday, November 17th v.  New Orleans

When the Bucks are a competitive team, which I fully expect this season, Saturday night games at the Bradley Center have historically created a buzz around town. There’s only a  handful of them a year. New Orleans touts this year’s #1 overall draft pick in Anthony Davis. The ‘Uni-Brow’ possesses superior athleticism and length and has the potential to be a superstar. Watching Davis and John Henson mix it up could be worth your coin and Saturday night entertainment fill alone.

The Hornets also bring to town a pair of marksmen who aren’t gun shy in Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers (No. 10 pick ’12). Ryan Anderson, who nudged Milwaukee’s own Ersan Ilyasova for the 2011 Most-Improved Player-of-the-Year award is also a Hornet. Anderson, like Ersan, is aggressive on the boards and can shoot the three. Watching Anderson and Ilyasova do battle all night should be intriguing.

4. Saturday, November 24th v. Chicago

A Saturday night tussle against the arch-rival Chicago Bulls is always a big game. Even without the presence of Derrick Rose. Yes, this game does lose a little bit of appeal sans Rose, whose out until March. But, we still have Milwaukee’s favorite, Joakim Noah, leading Chicago into town for what is sure to be a hostile-as- always, full house in the first of four Bucks/Bulls clashes in ’12-13. Last I checked the Central Division Championship still runs through Chicago. Let’s fire the opening salvo!

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