Best Games of 2012-13 Season For Hornets

By Michael Elworth

Game 1: October 31: vs. San Antonio Spurs

The first game of the Anthony Davis led Hornets era is without a doubt the biggest game of the year, giving fans a chance to see the player that has been called the future of the Hornet franchise and at their own building.

Game 3: November 3: @ Chicago Bulls

This will be the first time that Davis will play in his hometown as a professional, which is a big moment for any player. There will be a lot of nerves playing in front of his family and his friends and it can be expected that Davis will go out and play out of his mind. Should be a great
night for all involved.

Game 5: November 9: Vs. Charlotte Bobcats

The first game that Anthony Davis will play against his friend and the other former star from Kentucky, Michael Kidd Gilchrist. There will bound to be possessions where they will be directly guarding each other, which will be very exciting. Add in the fact that it will be pick one against pick two and the match up becomes even more entertaining.

Game 10: November 23: @ Phoenix Suns

The first game in Phoenix for Gordon since he was unable to become a Sun after the Hornets matched their offer sheet. Hopefully Gordon will come out and play his best against them, because if he does, it will be proof that Gordon is truly apart of the Hornet franchise emotionally.

Game 13: @ Milwaukee Bucks

This will be the last game in this young team’s first long road trip and it will be very interesting to see how they perform. This is hard for veteren teams, so it will be extremeley difficult to see how this young group does. Will they be tired? Or still going stong? It will be fascinating to find out for the Hornets.

Game 37: January 16: @ Boston Celtics

Austin Rivers playing his father’s Celtics for the first time will be a spectacular event. Expect Rivers to play one of the best games of his rookie year, trying to beat his father.

Game 69: March 20: Vs. Boston Celtics

Any time Rivers plays against his father it will be a very entertaining night, it might lack the pizzazz of the first match up, but it should be fun regardless.

Game 82: April 17: @ Dallas Mavericks

It will be interesting to see where the team is at the end of the year, if they are in playoff position and if they will be playing their hardest even if they are knocked out. It is also important to watch this game, simply because there may not be another one until next year’s campaign.


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