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Orlando Magic Name Jacque Vaughn As New Head Coach

Jacque Vaughn was a fun player to follow and now he is a brand new head coach.  The Orlando Magic agreed to a deal with Vaughn to become their coach.  This is the first head coaching job of Vaughn’s career.

This was not unexpected as many people had Vaughn pegged for the job for almost a month.  The Magic have been dragging negotiations and interviews out as they have tried to find the perfect guy to lead the rebuild of the team.  They are going to need to rebuild with all the Dwight Howard rumors swirling.

I expect that Jacque Vaughn will make a pretty good basketball coach.  He learned from one of the best in Gregg Popovich.  Not exactly a bad guy to learn the ropes from.  He is going to need to take all of those teachings and put them to good use because he has one heck of a young roster.  Orlando is going to struggle for a bit, but they are trying to set themselves up for the future.

I like this move for Orlando.  Vaughn is a young guy by coaching standards and he was around the game for a long time.  Smart players tend to turn into pretty good coaches.  He is going to have his ups and downs but he will grow alongside of his team.

After an offseason of turmoil, this is one of the best moves the Magic could make this offseason.  The next couple years will be painful but they are headed in the right direction.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.