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Boston Celtics Jared Sullinger Can Rebound: This Means The Rookie Should Play

The Boston Celtics have had one major weakness the last few seasons. Anyone that has followed this team knows that rebounding is a sore spot for this Celtics team. The team just does not rebound well. The reasons are many. The first is lack of the right personnel. The team has had rookies learning the Celtics system on the fly (Greg Stiemsma) that prevented them from a full effort rebounding, lack of size in their bigs (Chris Wilcox and Brandon Bass), and lack of effort and constant injury prone guys at the center spot (Shaq and Jermaine O’Neal). The fact is other than Kevin Garnett, the team really did not have a guy that could control the glass. The great news for Boston is they might have found an answer to some of their rebounding woes as rookie Jared Sullinger showed this summer that he can rebound. The fact he can rebound means that he should play.

The fact is Sullinger was very impressive during the NBA Summer League. Sullinger lived up to the hype of the kid just knows how to play basketball that followed him out of college. The man can score and score after contact in the paint and that alone should earn him some rotation time. However, the fact that he has a nose for rebounding is what should earn him some serious minutes. Sullinger not only boxed out well and got great positioning, but he battled. He fought tooth and nail numerous times for the board and came out on top more times than not due to that desire. Sullinger not only showed this skill on the defensive end, but on the offensive end as well. When was the last time the Boston Celtics had a threat on the offensive glass?

Boston is a veteran team that is going to need to employ a deep rotation to keep their legs fresh for a post season push. The team is going to need to be ten to twelve deep. The fact is Boston should play Sullinger to help limit the minutes of KG, Bass, and Wilcox. Not only are they gaining some needed rebounding, but are helping solve another issue by keeping the veteran legs fresh.

I realize Doc Rivers hates playing rookies and young guys, but he might not have a choice here. Boston was dead last in rebounding and a change is needed. This change could be Sullinger. I know Doc likes winning more than not playing rookies and that is why one can plan on this kid hitting the rotation. Sullinger getting minutes just makes too much sense for Doc to not play him. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!