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NBA Rumors : Boston Celtics Great Kevin McHale Done In Houston After This Year

NBA Rumors are in full effect for the Boston Celtics. Even former greats are right now subject to the rumor mill. The latest rumor involves former Celtics great and current Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale. The rumor is McHale is not very happy with the moves that were made with the roster this off season in Houston. He is so unhappy that this is probably going to be his last year in Houston according to sources.

I believe this rumor to be one hundred percent fact. How could a guy like McHale be happy with these moves thus far by the Rockets’ GM? McHale in one off season lost three of his best player without anything substantial coming in return. The team let their top playmaking point guard in Gorin Dragic go to the Suns to replace Steve Nash. The team also dealt the scoring point guard in Kyle Lowry. Granted Lowry clashed with McHale, but I do not think he would have let both of them go without a true replacement in return. Houston then decided to cut top big man Luis Scola and get nothing in return. The team then dumped Courtney Lee to Boston for a project power forward in JaJuan Johnson.

The replacements of Jeremy Lin and Omar Asik would not excite me either. Lin has proven nothing other than in a half year that he can be a serviceable point guard. Is he really a superstar after averaging O.K. numbers or is he a product of New York hype. I believe the hype is more accurate because he just never screamed superstar to me after the league figured out how to defend him. In Houston he may get shots because there is no one else, but winning and making others better will continue to elude him and McHale knows it. I would take Scola over Asik any day. What has he shown that screams starting NBA center? He played O.K. in a great defensive system for a great defensive coach in Chicago. Asik has bust written all over him without Tommy Thibs pulling the strings.

I realize Houston got three first round picks in Jeremy Lamb, Royce White, and Terrence Jones. These guys could turn out to be solid picks that help this franchise in the future. White I believe will be an absolute beast and love the pick, but getting this young with no one to show them the way is not exactly what McHale signed up for. McHale probably thought the picks would be dealt for a superstar. The problem was that never happened and now he is stuck with this young roster.

The bottom line is this rumor is probably dead on. I just hope that McHale lands on his feet. Maybe he can end up on Doc Rivers staff in Boston. I would love to have McHale working with big men like Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo. He already has roots to the city and with Kevin Garnett and Rivers. If nothing else a Celtics fan can dream of Sullinger learning the McHale up and under move. Remember Go Green or Go Home!!!!!!!