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Nate Robinson Supposedly Agrees To Deal With Chicago Bulls

NBA rumors have been quiet for the past couple of days but it looks like the Chicago Bulls have provided everyone with a new one.  There are whispers that Nate Robinson, dunking expert, has agreed to sign with the team.  The man that broke this story?  Nate himself.

Although no real concrete information has leaked out, it sounds like Nate told a bunch of fans that he was indeed signing with the Bulls.  There is nothing that has linked the two parties together, but if the Bulls are trying to drive their fans insane, Robinson will certainly do that.

I have nothing against Nate Robinson.  In fact, I find him fun to watch.  However, watching him play on your favorite team is a headache waiting to happen.  He is a high volume shooter who is not exactly good at shooting.  He can dunk but that really doesn’t help outside of contests or pickup games.  He is going to come cheap which is probably why the Bulls are making this move.

See, the Bulls don’t like to spend money.  Instead of actually trying to improve the team, they have gone after cheap fill ins to last the season.  That might be good on the checking account, but it drives fans up a wall.  Seriously.  If there was an actual wall to climb, Bulls fans would be sitting on top of it right now.

These NBA rumors might be more fact than fiction, but it smells like a Bulls move.  I apologize, Bulls nation.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.