Los Angeles Forward Matt Barnes Arrested For Possible Felony

It appears Matt Barnes treats the Police the same way he does his opponents on the basketball court.

The fiery threat off the bench for the Los Angeles Lakers somehow found himself in handcuffs Monday night, when police saw him walking about 20 miles outside of the downtown area.  Barnes had an outstanding warrant for driving on a suspended license

The Associated Press has spoken with Lt. Steve Tobias, who says when Barnes was confronted; the Lakers most irritating role player became non-cooperative, and was subsequently arrested and was going to be charged with threatening an officer.

Barnes, who is known as a hothead on the court, had his bail set at just over $50,000, and it is unclear at this time if he has been released or not.

No statement has yet been made from the Lakers organization, nor has there been a release from Barnes’ representatives.

As always in the United States, it is a must that a person be considered innocent until proven otherwise, but in the court of public opinion, the argument will likely go against him, simply due to his antagonistic attitude when playing ball.  Barnes can ignite a crowd with his defensive tenacity and his willingness to mix it up, but it is this intensity that is likely to make him look guilty, regardless of whether he is guilty or not.

The Lakers have been busy this offseason, adjusting the roster for the 2012-13 NBA season.  Now does not seem like the best time to get into a fight with the police.  Hopefully, Barnes will get this all squared away and get back to preparing for the upcoming season.


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