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NBA Players Due To Come Into Their Prime This Season

The 2011-2012 NBA season witnessed players like Russell WestbrookKevin Love and many other 2007 and 2008 draft class members enter the beginning of the prime period of their careers. However, for many players, this past season was also plagued with injuries. Stalling a number of players from entering the brightest point of their career. In the upcoming season, which players will leave their rookie, sophomore, and junior years behind them to dominate the court?

John Wall

Wall has been working away in D.C. and is becoming an accountable and solid player. He is slowly becoming the center of the Washington Wizards franchise. Turnovers are an issue but overall, Wall has consistently played well throughout his NBA years with the Wizards.  Now is his time to reach the next level. Wall recently told Hoopsworld’s Joel Brigham at Las Vegas Summer League:

“It’s time for me to be in the playoffs. It’s time for me to be an All-Star. Those are all things that I’ve been wanting. I want to help the Washington Wizards get better as an organization, and that’s all up to me to lead my team.”

DeAndre Jordan

At the beginning of the 2011-2012 season, Jordan was outstanding on defensive due to his athletic gifts. By the time playoffs came around, Jordan wasn’t the same player he was earlier in the season. He had begun to burn out. Rebounds became more of an issue, as did free throws. Fouling became an easy and fruitful way to deal with him on the court. Once Jordan’s offensive’s catches up with his defense, he’s going to be elevated to All-Star status. He is right on the edge of being ridiculously good.

JaVale McGee

The aggressive defender and previous block rate leader just signed a huge contract with the Denver Nuggets. He has pulled off positively good stats, averaging 10.3 ppg, 5.8 rpg, and 1.6 blocks in 20 regular season games, which are slightly below All Star selection.

Jeremy Lin

As a celebrity, Lin is in his prime. As a basketball player, he still has a lot of untapped talent. Lin would have probably had a great year if not for injury. He has very little NBA experience, starting in just over a dozen games. Lin’s turnovers are being cited as being his major weakness. With a season of experience to develop into a highly efficient and effective player, Lin’s full potential will be released.

Ricky Rubio

This past season would have been Rubio’s breakout season. Spain’s greatest gift to the NBA suffered a season ending knee injury, which halted the Minnesota Timberwolves playoff ambitions. Kevin Love and Rubio work very well off each other. Together, they are capable of cementing the Timberwolves a playoff run.

Rubio is sure to challenge Rajon Rondo for the title of the future best point guard in the NBA.

Serge Ibaka

Ibaka has had a crazy successful year. He is the Spanish men’s Olympic basketball team’s choice for their sole nationalized citizen roster spot and a Western Conference championship winner with the Oklahoma City Thunder. – And he is just getting started. He can block shots like no one else and did a fierce job holding up Oklahoma’s defence throughout the regular and postseason. He’s making a huge impact for the Spanish team right now and with the experiences such as the ones he regularly finds himself in, he has an unreal career ahead of him.

Brooke Lopez  

Lopez would have had an outstanding season if he had not suffered an injury, which took him out for most of the season. As soon as he gets some minutes on the court, great things will happen.

When the Brooklyn Nets signed Lopez instead of pursuing Dwight Howard, it was clear that Lopez would be apart of the restructured roster that will bring the Brooklyn franchise out of its New Jersey ashes and rise as a rebranded New York City powerhouse. Brooklyn has culture, history and nightlife. Its one of the coolest places in the world and the Nets are trying to mirror that. Lopez the center that the Nets put their confidence in to be one of the stars their renovated franchise.

Blake Griffin

Griffin has taken some serious heat. Critics constantly say that he is a one-dimensional. However…

Griffin is a fully developed player. The development that he is consistently criticized for lacking will do little to turn him into “developed player.” Griffin’s next level is complete unstoppable monster. The next level for Griffin will be scary for his competition. Center’s like Kendrick Perkins and Pau Gasol have already been victims of Griffin’s skills.

Griffin is just so good at dunking and showmanship, it makes the rest of his play look inferior. Midrange, Griffin is well above average but then he dunks like no one else can and all of the sudden nothing else he does can come close to it. In his third season of play, Griffin is sure to have something unbelievable in store.