Boston Celtics Doc Rivers Great Coaching Drove Ray Allen Out

By Rob Nelson

“As a coach, you’ve got to do what’s best for the team. If guys don’t like it, they’re going to leave. If they stay and don’t like it, well, your team’s going to suck anyway. Even if this happens, you still have to do it. You can’t coach worrying about any individual. You’ve got to coach worrying about your entire team: whether that gets you a championship or whether that gets you fired.

Boston Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers Courtesy Of Adrian Wojnarowski Yahoo Sports

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers gave a very telling interview about Ray Allen‘s departure to Miami. A lot of people want to blame Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo and his sour relationship with Ray as the direct source for Ray leaving Boston, but Doc feels a lot different. Doc made it clear that he believes that his coaching was why Ray left for less greener pastures. Doc made it clear that he was the one that expanded Rajon Rondo’s role with the team and despite this move clearly ruffling the feathers of Ray Allen, felt it was the right move. Ray wanted a larger role with the Celtics, but that was not going to happen because as the team’s best passer Doc felt Rondo clearly is the guy that should dominate the ball on this team. Ray then made his decision to leave for what he thinks is a larger role in the offense with Miami.

The more I read about Ray’s departure the more I am coming to the conclusion that he never was a true Celtic. While guys like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce understood that they were getting older and Rajon Rondo was clearly the guy that needed to have his role expanded at their expense because it is best for the Boston Celtics, Ray privately pouted and wanted to have the ball more in his hands. How dare this young kid with clear talent take the ball away from the great Ray Allen. KG could have bitched louder about playing center. Paul pierce could have demanded more shots. Those men did not because they understood Rondo developing into a stud was great for business because he is a pass first guard that gets everyone involved. Ray as a shooting guard could have kept his mouth shut and had the NBA’s assist leader padding his hall of fame stats. Instead he will go to South Beach to be a fourth option at best, but hey I am sure Satan…oops Pat Riley promised him everything including a starting job due to Dwayne Wade’s injury history. This kind of attitude is the anti Celtic mentality of team first that has been engrained in this team since Red Auerbach first walked through the door.

The sad fact is Doc Rivers did what was best for this team. No coach has done a better job than he has the last four years getting the most out of his roster with the best game plan to maximize the roster’s strengths. Some coaches have done as well, but none better. The fact that Ray even questioned Rivers is further proof of what a Judas bastard he truly is. He can take out all the ridiculous suck up ads in papers and call himself a Celtic all he wants, but he never was or will be a true Celtic. A true Celtic does not bitch about shots and his point guard during a championship run in 08. A true Celtic realizes that his body is betraying him and thus a younger and more talented guy should start over him. A true Celtic does what is asked of him and embraces the role by truly understanding the sacrifice that it takes to win. Ray never got any of this and that is why he is in South Beach. Ray is about Ray Allen and that is the bottom line. Doc Rivers did the right moves by this franchise as the quote above by him sums up the situation as far as Doc is concerned. I am glad Ray and his selfish mentality is gone. Remember Go Green Or Go Home!!!!!!

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