NBA Rumors: Hornets to Sign Roger Mason Jr.

According to reports, Washington free agent and NBA journeyman, Roger Mason Jr., has agreed to a one-year deal with the New Orleans Hornets. Because of their great depth at shooting guard, Mason will probably not be a part of the rotation, but he brings two needed components, leadership and shooting.

It’s safe to say that Mason has been around the block, playing for 5 teams in his NBA career, but teams are always completely complimentary about his work ethic and leadership qualities, the latter is so important on a team, where the building blocks are 19,19, 23 and 24 (Davis, Rivers, Gordon and Anderson). He is the type of veteran who has accepted his place in the league and is fantastic with young players. This headstrong guard could make a huge difference to young guards, Gordon, Rivers and Henry. With only a couple roster spots left in New Orleans, the team would be wise to add another strong veteran or two, because for now Mason is it.

On the court Mason, will not bring too much, but he is still a very good outside shooter, which every team needs and he has shown on random occasions, outbursts of fantastic scoring. He catches fire from time to time and is not afraid to shoot in those times, regardless of his spot in the rotation, which is why he will get occasional point totals in the high teens or even the early twenties. With Gordon, Rivers and Vasquez penciled in as the top three guards and with Xavier Henry in the fold, it will be quite interesting how much playing time Mason will get, but regardless his real value to the team will be off the court, in the locker room and on the bench. Dell Demps has once again added another positive piece to the Hornets puzzle and although Roger Mason Jr. may not be a flashy name, he should make a difference in the Big Easy.

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